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At Tucson Acupuncture Pain Relief Center we are committed to bringing you the highest quality, safe and effective acupuncture and non-needle therapies.  Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that balances your body so it can heal naturally.   It is a drugless therapy that encourages your body’s healing capacity to get you well and keep you well.   We use the body’s wisdom to heal you. Acupuncture helps you feel physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

At Tucson Acupuncture Pain Relief Center we believe

Getting well + staying well = well-being. 
Health is just that simple.

Tucson Acupuncture
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Jason Gill LAc • Licensed Acupuncturist

Jason's Philosophy

“My goal is to help you achieve your unique health requirements in a comfortable, healing environment. I believe in working with my patients to achieve their health outcomes in a positive, realistic way.

Together we design a workable health program that is individually suited to your particular needs, getting you well and keeping you well.”

We're here for your needs! 

Tucson Acupuncture Tucson Acupuncture Tucson Acupuncture Tucson Acupuncture

How does acupuncture work?

Because acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms it is effective for an incredibly wide range of conditions.   As acupuncture is part of a whole and logical medical system, there is almost always an approach for an acupuncturist to take for helping to manage a health problem – or even better, to help you remain pain and illness free.

Acupuncture can help manage the daily stresses of modern life; ease aches, pains, and strains; reduce joint and muscle inflammation; improve digestion; fend off colds, flus, and allergies; regulate hormonal cycles; help you cope with chronic health conditions and recover more quickly from injuries and surgery.

Your comfort and well-being are very important to us here at the Tucson Acupuncture Pain Relief Center. We therefore treat each patient individually, by appointment. We offer private rooms to insure your privacy, safety and to insure you get the best quality care available. 

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Tucson Acupuncture Pain Relief Center is the leader for acupuncture in Tucson.

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Monday 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 

Wednesday 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Thursday  10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Friday 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

Sunday:  Patients are seen by appointment only.

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See What Some of Jason's Clients Have To Say

Brenda S.

I was in severe pain due to a cervical pinched nerve brought on by osteoarthritis. With an upcoming overseas painting trip I thought I would need to cancel. Not wanting to take gabapentin and narcotic pain killers I thought there must be a better way. This was my first time with acupuncture and although I had a positive attitude, I must admit I was still skeptical. I felt relief several hours after my first session. The second session brought more relief. My forearm remains numb but I DON'T HAVE PAIN. Jason Gill is a soft-spoken and gentle person who informs you of everything he is doing each step of the way. He shows great concern for the patient's well-being and progress. His background is impressive too. I highly recommend him for pain if you don't want to mask it with painkillers.

Brenda S.

A.S. - Sahuarita (2016)

Acupuncture Pain Relief Center is worth every single 5 star review it has received and more!! At first I was not a big believer in acupuncture, but after seeing how much my mother has benefited from being treated by Jason Gill, I decided to give it a try.    I saw Jason, initially twice a week for three weeks for the initial treatment. Following the initial treatment, I was pain free and feeling balanced therefore now I see him once a month for a "tune-up". Let me tell you Jason is simply AMAZING, not only is he extremely knowledgeable, and skilled in his practice, but is polite and easy to talk to.   Talking to Jason is like talking to a best friend, easy, comfortable, who cares and most importantly listens to effectively create a treatment plan best suited to you.

His office is neat, cozy and inviting. Upon arrival he greets you by first name, and immediately takes you to one of his private treatment rooms. He will feel on your pulse while talking and begins to pinpoint with accuracy what's going on in your body. I am brave enough to call him a type of medical intuitive, and once you're assessed he begins the treatment.  Jason will come up and ask how you're doing a few times, and after some time you will be done.   Almost instantly you will begin to benefit from the treatment. I know, I did.   My experience  with Jason and his practice has been superb, I recommended him to many of my friends. He is a true master at his craft and his talent deserves to be shared with others seeking to be pain free. You will not be disappointed.

Justine H. - Tucson (2014)

This past year I've found myself in debilitating pain on two occasions: once with lower back pain and once with severe neck pain. At the time of each incident, I was so grateful to Jason for his flexibility in getting me in to the office quickly. Jason's treatments not only focused on addressing the immediate pain, but also on preventative no-cost-do-at-home exercises, which seemed (to me) atypical of many health practitioners who want to schedule a string of sometime unnecessary follow-up appointments. Very refreshing! The best part, he helped me out of my pain. I would highly recommend Jason and Acupuncture Pain Relief Center.

M.S. - (2015)

Before saying that you are an extraordinary acupuncturist, I want to tell you that your are an extraordinary human being.

Tanis T. - Tucson (2015)

I have been seeing Jason Gill for about 3 weeks now for extreme neck and back pain.  The first appointment was not a 15 minute total appointment, and then rush you out of the office.  Jason spent the entire appointment finding out what led up to my current pain, listening to my complete story about my pain and trying to understand how to treat me.  I instantly felt better (no more headaches), and I am progressively feeling much better after every session.  He not only addresses the immediate pain, but provides exercises to complete at home. I recommend Jason Gill and the Acupuncture Pain Relief Center to handle any kind of pain you are having.  You will be in great hands!

Tom M. - Tucson (2015)

At 6 weeks after my first visit my pain is greatly diminished and has never returned to the level of pain that I experienced before getting treated by Jason.  I recommend his service wholeheartedly.

Evelyn P. – Tucson (2016)

Acupuncture Pain Relief Center has been an invaluable resource for me for the past year. Jason is a very knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist. I trust both his knowledge base and intuition. He has helped a lot with my stress, headaches, back and neck pains and knee pain. I can say his the best in the business.  Thank you Jason 🙂

Ron G. – Tucson (2016)

Jason Gill is courteous, professional and makes you feel completely at ease. He thoroughly explains every step. I completed my first treatment and came out feeling much, much better. He is the consummate professional and I am actually looking forward to my next session.

Jonna Z. – Marana (2016)

I went to see Jason due to constant (daily) headaches I was having due to a small mass in my neck.  I had my neck operated on previously and had been on pain medication for just under four years before finally deciding to explore other options.  Jason spent a lot of time with me to fully understand my problems, and while they were abnormal, he was more than willing to accept the challenge and try different techniques until we found one that helped.  I am so happy to report that after just six months, the regular headache pain is gone and I am completely off of my pain medication.  

I've been going back to Jason about once a month for migraines (unrelated to the headaches) that we've been working on and I can't recommend him highly enough.  He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things to you.  He doesn't completely discount western medicine, so isn't anti-necessary medical intervention - but finds the balance between eastern and western medicine to treat symptoms.  I am so relieved to finally be off of daily pain medication and am sure the acupuncture has added a few years onto my organs that would have otherwise continued to be damaged by drugs!

Kathy J. Tucson, AZ

Jason is a most compassionate man and a very gifted acupuncturist. He has many years of experience. He takes his patient's pain as a very personal challenge and will do everything possible to help you feel better. I am contending with pain in my right hip that is probably a result of back injuries from two automobile accidents where I was hit from the rear. My spine is a mess and I've already had neck and back surgeries. I only wish now that I'd been able to see Jason prior to having those surgeries. Although he was only able to help me marginally, he refused to give up and referred me to someone for additional evaluation. On the other hand, he was able to stop my husband's asthmatic problems with only one treatment. We are both so glad to have found him. I would definitely recommend him and suggest that people consider acupuncture for more than just pain management.

Give Jason a call for an appointment (520) 668-5210