Jonna Z. – Marana (2016)

I went to see Jason due to constant (daily) headaches I was having due to a small mass in my neck. I had my neck operated on previously and had been on pain medication for just under four years before finally deciding to explore other options. Jason spent a lot of time with me to fully understand my problems, and while they were abnormal, he was more than willing to accept the challenge and try different techniques until we found one that helped. I am so happy to report that after just six months, the regular headache pain is gone and I am completely off of my pain medication.

I’ve been going back to Jason about once a month for migraines (unrelated to the headaches) that we’ve been working on and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things to you. He doesn’t completely discount western medicine, so isn’t anti-necessary medical intervention – but finds the balance between eastern and western medicine to treat symptoms. I am so relieved to finally be off of daily pain medication and am sure the acupuncture has added a few years onto my organs that would have otherwise continued to be damaged by drugs!