Kathy J. Tucson, AZ

Jason is a most compassionate man and a very gifted acupuncturist. He has many years of experience. He takes his patient’s pain as a very personal challenge and will do everything possible to help you feel better. I am contending with pain in my right hip that is probably a result of back injuries from two automobile accidents where I was hit from the rear. My spine is a mess and I’ve already had neck and back surgeries. I only wish now that I’d been able to see Jason prior to having those surgeries. Although he was only able to help me marginally, he refused to give up and referred me to someone for additional evaluation. On the other hand, he was able to stop my husband’s asthmatic problems with only one treatment. We are both so glad to have found him. I would definitely recommend him and suggest that people consider acupuncture for more than just pain management.